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Funky Eggs

Exposed for a long time in a stranded place, it has its special abilities and powers to survive in FunkyLand.
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Funky Eggs Holder can hatch their eggs to get one of the funkies in the Funkydemic era.




Bulls are persistent and diligent workers. To optimize your rewards, use your bulls to acquire more $BERRY tokens. In order to sustain in FUNKYLAND, you gotta uphold your bulls from bears.
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In FUNKYLAND, bears are strong funkies who plunder $BERRY that has been picked by bulls. Different bear gangs each have their own strengths and capacities for raiding berries. Join Ninja Gang, Lone Wolves, or Funky Sluggers to embark on this thrilling trip!
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$BERRY Token

$BERRY is one of the fungible tokens that is accepted in the Farming Era of Funkyland metaverse. $BERRY is harvested by Bulls and main source of sustenance in FUNKYLAND.

$BERRY is essential to upgrade and boost your energy levels. Harvesting $BEERY is quite a tough job, but those who persevere will be awarded and survive till the end.

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